Before and After

This blog is about breasts. Small ones, and large ones. Real ones, and fake ones. But more than that, it's a documentary about perceptions and feelings of inadequacy. And confidence, too.

ashleeta asked: This blog is amazing just from a ..."medical" point of view I dont think I've ever come across a source that documents what its really like all we usually see in "documentaries" is before, surgery after and BAM boobs I think this is a great source for girls who are seriously considering getting breast implants. I have one question which maybe will have to be answered much later but did your wife lose sensation in her nipples? Thanks keep up the helpful work!

I’m glad you find this informative. That’s the point, because I’ve also noticed that you only ever see before and after, which seems to be more like six months after. I don’t think I’ve lost sensation in my nipples. They are stitched up right now. As the implants settle and the muscle and swollen tissue reside, I’ll have a better idea about it.”