Before and After

This blog is about breasts. Small ones, and large ones. Real ones, and fake ones. But more than that, it's a documentary about perceptions and feelings of inadequacy. And confidence, too.
18 months post op. 

18 months post op. 

More coming, after all…

More coming, after all…

Anonymous asked: Your breast look so natural! I'm actually thinking of getting mine done in the near future, if you don't mind me asking, where'd you get yours done?

"This has actually been addressed previously. I do not have consent from my surgeon to give out his name and contact information. I am in the SoCal area and so is my surgeon. I suggest asking family and friends (if any of them have had any cosmetic surgery) and just looking around. I know my doctor has been listed several times as one of the top surgeons in our local county magazine, so if your county/city/town has something like that, I’d look there first and read about them. Most importantly, it needs to be someone you are comfortable with and trust."

Anonymous asked: Would you ever have any other type of cosmetic surgery done?


Anonymous asked: Thank you both for being adults, you remind me a lot of "us". I have scrolled back, and may have missed it. Are these below the muscle, and also, what is the composition? My wife struggles (after 2 kids) with the do or do not question. On one side she is unhappy with the look of her breasts; but on the other she is a fairly conservative person and thinks the decision would be immodest and self-serving. Did you have those issues as well? Thank you.

Hi, thanks. The Missus and I are not interested in your projection of your values. They are yours, and we define our own. Aside from this fairly anonymous blog, the missus is the most modest woman I know. And her augmented breasts are not self-serving—I take great pleasure in them, also. 

"As far as the composition and placement of the implant, mine are placed below the muscle and are of a round, moderate profile.

As to the last two questions, of course I had those issues. I am much more conservative in dress and appearance th”an most people I know. I had been considering an augmentation for more than 2 years, though it never seemed possible in our then current situation. I didn’t even really anticipate being able to have my surgery as soon as I did, things just kind of fell into place, financially. 

In regards to feeling that ‘the decision would be immodest and self-serving,’ I think that is an initial feeling for most moms. You think about where else all of that money could go to support your family. I know I did and I think what helped me most was talking to my mother about it, who had an augmentation in the 1980’s (by the same surgeon) after having three children. There are lots of women who do not lose breast mass after having children, but I did. It’s hard for others to understand how un-feminine you can feel. 

After pregnancy, so many parts of our bodies change which even with good exercise and diet can’t help. My mother told me she felt the same way at first, as if she was being selfish, and if you are taking money that gives your children the basic needs in life to obtain an augmentation, then yeah, I’d say that is wrong and self-serving. But if it’s something your wife is thinking about, then it will probably never leave her mind. We all do things that make us happy. For my husband, he collects audio equipment. He’s obsessed with building the purest, most clear sound for the music and movies we watch and listen to (that we all enjoy—while watching movies as a family or while dancing in the living room). For me, the augmentation was one of those things that made ME happy.”

Anonymous asked: I would be interested in seeing a series on swimsuits, I applaud your bravery for making something so private so public :)

"We’ll see."

Anonymous asked: Do you think you will ever need to replace your implants?

"Yes. The implants I received have a 10 year warranty. It’s very likely that the implants will last 20 years, but probably around the 20 year mark is when the implant will be more susceptible to leaking and rupture. I fully intend to replace them when it is either recommended by my amazing surgeon or if one of those two circumstances occur."

Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm considering going in for a mastopexy-that is-I am going in for a mastopexy, but am debating on whether or not I should get implants too. I originally told my surgeon yes, but now I'm thinking otherwise. May I ask, after the swelling went down could you feel the implant? I guess a better way to phrase it would be, are you conscious of them? Does it feel as though there is something beneath you're skin? I'm a little nervous of that sensation being everlasting.

I know that breasts and TV’s are kinda different, but follow along anyway—especially since the Missus will throw down her thoughts after my own.

When I bought my first flat screen, I bought the size that would fit my living room in accordance with the proper viewing distance (really, there’s such a thing—too big and too close means not sharp…). The 27” I had before was boxy and heavy, and it didn’t do HD. So, while getting a 50” seems like a drastic change—it wasn’t. 

OK, that’s pretty lousy, I know, but it echoes what the Missus’ surgeon said to her during the consultation: “I’ve never had someone say they wish they had gone smaller. No one says that. I’ve many times had patients later say they wish they had gone bigger.”

Now, to answer your question from my own perspective… I grab my wife’s breasts everyday. It’s usually gratuitously, but it happens in hugs, etc. Her silicone implants are only felt when she’s doing stuff like pushups. All of the time else, they’re soft and squishy, and her breasts tissue is indistinguishable from the implant. 

"Not at all. Everything feels and moves with me as it did before the implants (only bigger). I ‘know’ I have implants, but no one else really does. I have not had one person look at me and ask or even suggest it. In fact when I have told friends and family, they are amazed because they couldn’t tell. Of course, I did not go over-the-top. Although I measure and wear a 32DD, the size fits my body and broad shoulders well.

In my opinion, if it’s something you were thinking of beforehand, and then you said yes to the doctor when asked, then it’s something on your mind already anyway. I don’t think you will regret the decision.

But also, I had the same feelings as you. Luckily I had two family members before me that had an augmentation and I asked them this very question before even going to my consultation appointment.

As for the feel, when my husband grabs them, they feel like my own breasts. They ARE my own breasts and I love them.”

Anonymous asked: Did u change ur URL?


Is this the end?

Is this the end?

These are about the same size as now, except that these were when the Missus was nursing in late 2009. The sag is natural, and the fullness, too. But notice the pectoral to breast slope. Compare to now and you won’t see as much a defined slope. And believe it or not, these real breasts were harder and stiffer and not as enjoyable (for me and the Missus) as they are now (silicon).

These are about the same size as now, except that these were when the Missus was nursing in late 2009. The sag is natural, and the fullness, too. But notice the pectoral to breast slope. Compare to now and you won’t see as much a defined slope. And believe it or not, these real breasts were harder and stiffer and not as enjoyable (for me and the Missus) as they are now (silicon).

joemmm asked: They look great on you they add a lot your beauty

Yes, they do, but no they don’t. She was beautiful before she had an augmentation.

"This is not a paid advertisement. But seriously. Real boobs, fake boobs—if you work out—go to Lululemon. You’re welcome."