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This blog is about breasts. Small ones, and large ones. Real ones, and fake ones. But more than that, it's a documentary about perceptions and feelings of inadequacy. And confidence, too.

lulujayythebae asked: Hello how many CC's did you get? I just had my BA yesterday. I asked for 450 CC's under the muscle to give me the look of 425 CC's, however I'm only 20, don't have any children and work out a lot. Due to this my PS told me my skin was to tight to fit 450, therefore I ended up with 375 implants filled to 410cc. I had my one day post op visit and I'm kinda upset because they look so small to me. Will they get a little bigger later on as they drop & the swelling goes down? Any advice?

No. They won’t get bigger. They’ll get smaller and softer and awesomer. You’re 20. Look within, see what you need, not outward, what you think others will want. 

Anonymous asked: Let's see more pics


thin--mint asked: Hello! I know it's been years since you guys started this blog, but I still wanted to thank you! It's been very insightful and helpful for me, even years later. I'm planning to get BA done in May, and I'm a little scared. The reality is that at first most breasts look pretty painful after surgery, and definitely very "tight" and "high," but your documentation reassures me that they will eventually look normal and gorgeous! So thanks! Also, I plan to consult with Dr. Krugman soon!

Yay! Of course we say “Don’t be scared,” but we’re two years removed, and going well, I might add. The good news is that you’ll get some good meds that’ll knock you out for a few. And time will fly by. You’re going to love Dr. Krugman. He’s kind of pretty much the best there is, and his staff is amazing. And yes, they’re going to look amazing and normal and gorgeous! Keep in touch, let us know how it goes!

Anonymous asked: I'm planning on getting my breast done soon, I was just wondering do you think from your experience that getting surgery on a Thursday, & going back to work on a Monday is realistic and achievable? I don't do anything crazy at work I just sit at my desk and type up forms. I'm not sure if in 4 days I'll feel good or be in serious pain still. Help pls?

Not realistic. You will be doped up, too. 

You should click on the archives, go back to the very beginning of this blog, and read about our experiences. 

Anonymous asked: Update pics please

Nothing has changed. 

Anonymous asked: is the tumblr considered done, have you reached your goal?

Is there anything left to post? Are there any questions about the augmentation that anyone wants to know that hasn’t already been addressed?

If this were a book, would you buy it?

Anonymous asked: Updated updates updates :)

Update: Today my wife’s new boobs are 2 years old. 

Anonymous asked: She's very pretty. And comfortable with her body. I think we know you won't be putting the camera down for some time lol

I think you missed the point. In fact, I didn’t hold the camera for very long. 

Anonymous asked: Your wife's boobs looks so natural! Previously you said to look in sort of a county magazine to find a top surgeon in my area. Where else should I look to find a reliable surgeon near me?

We’re fond of the Googles. But yes, you could also find information wherever you find those regional “Best Doctors” list stories. In Orange County, CA, there was Orange Coast and a bunch of others. Those kinds of magazines mostly catered to a bunch of old, rich, white women not unlike what you’d find on The Real Housewives of OC or something…

Anonymous asked: I would love to see you in something see through


Anonymous asked: I would love to see you put up a wet t shirt pic

You probably don’t want to see me in a wet t-shirt. 

Anonymous asked: I would more pics, please :)

I’m sure. 

Anonymous asked: what type of implants did you get


She’s waiting for me to put the camera down. 

She’s waiting for me to put the camera down.